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The Sapling and the Tree Reviews

SANDMAN gave a rating of 5

This is a charming piece which, at first, I thought appropriate for a young child. A type of fairy tale if you will. But, as I read on, I changed my mind. It’s all-age appropriate and a lesson for all of us to be more cognizant and appreciative of our surrounds not only of flora and fauna but also, and probably more importantly — folks around us.

The pace and structure of this delightfully fresh metaphor is as close to perfect as I believe possible.

The writing is fluent and readable.

This sentence caused me to pause: The sapling never noticed the shadow of hollowed, reflective look in the eyes of the tree. I know the meaning of those words but the combination in this setting left me wondering.

The narrative voice perfectly captures the two characters. Descriptions effortlessly create a vivid and strong setting.

A little nit picking on my part . . .

Somewhere there are two ?? I'm of the mind that one is sufficent.

One word needs correcting in this paragraph:

In-fact her nights were still dark and petrifying, but she had noticed his dead braches during the days, and knew it was too heavy a price for the tree to pay.

There also is one “ somewhere which seems out of place - should be changed to ‘.

The poetry in writing is the illusion it creates.

The Sampling and the Tree fits perfection with this quote.


Khaled Saeed
Khaled Saeed JT, I am so grateful for your review.
As a writer, it is quite humbling when even the thoughts behind the writing, and not just the words, have been captured by the reader. You have very perceptively done just that, JT.

Learning is a continuous process, and your 'nit-picking' is not only welcome, but has added value to my story.

Would love to have you as a friend.
Author -
SANDMAN Aloha Khaled,
Your friendship would be more than welcomed, especially since you are so far away. I'm new kid on the block and know there is a button somewhere requesting friendship. Press it and I'll be happy to confirm.
And, if you have any other pieces you'd like read — let me know. But beware, I'm brutal when i critique - LOL
Ciao, JT
Reviewer -

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