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The Story of Love
The Story of Love

The Story of Love

SaraSara Goertz
2 Reviews

Now, all the emotions lived on one big island. There was Love, Anger, Kindness, Time, all the emotions you could ever dream of.

One day, there was more and more water coming to the edges of the island, all the other feelings started to leave, but Love stayed 'till the very last minute. When there was almost no land left, Love decided to leave. But there was no time to make a boat or a raft! Vanity past by Love. Love asked her if she could come aboard, but Vanity said that she would wreck her boat. Next, Cheer came by, but Cheer was having so much fun that he didn't even hear Love calling. Finally, Time past in his humble old boat. When Love asked if she could come aboard, he said of course. She asked why all the others had turned her down, he said: "Because only time can understand Love."

Author Notes: This might not be a good story, but I just wanted to put it out in the world that to find true love, you have to be patient. Most marriages end up in break ups these days, that's because no one takes the time to find true love. credits: don't know.

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Sara Goertz
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12 Mar, 2019
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