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The Way You See Me
The Way You See Me

The Way You See Me


Part 1: Jealous

I didn't chose if you thought that I was jealous. Maybe I was a little bit because you had friends. All I had was....well......nothing. That is, except the people who bullied me, which was practically every one. But maybe you should look back on 3-5 grade.

First of all, I don't think anyone would come and comfort me when people would call me cry baby, weirdo, idiot, stupid, animal, object, etc.
Second of all, did you have to answer to your parents when they asked you why you where all scraped up and bleeding.

My point is that you had people who loved you in your life, I didn't, and that made me a bit jealous.

Part 2: Pain

Look, I really did love you, I still do. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone before. I mean it, I really do and I always will.

If you think that it caused you a lot of pain to see me liking that guy, then think about how it felt for me. How many guys liked you? Like what.....60 000000? I loved you so much, I still do. You know how I said that when you got that letter from the guy in 3rd grade I cried? Well I cried because I loved you and was sad when you got that beautiful smile on your face and said you were so happy, not because I liked him.

I will never regret writing you that letter that said how much I loved you.

Part 3: Blame

Maybe I did blame you for some things, but i regret it now. I know how it feels to be blamed, it happens to me a lot.

Things were not working well at home, I took my anger off at you and for that i'm sorry.

Part 4: Sorry

I have done a horrible thing to hurt you, even if I didn't know i had hurt you.

I'm sorry and sorry and sorry x3000000.

I love you 😍😘❤️💕💝

Part 5: Forever

From then on, I have loved you. I will always love you and I hope that you will love me.
I would marry you if i could.

Forever and ever and ever.

Here is a poem I wrote with you in mind:

Life without you,
Would be as weird as no birds flying high in the blue sky.

Life without you,
Would be as strange as no fish in the river.

Life without you,
Would be as hard to live as no oxygen in the air around us.

Life without you,
Would be as difficult as not being able to afect the world around us.

That is why,
After all these years,
I have still loved you.

'Cause life without you,
Would be,

Author Notes: The story (why lies) and poem (life without you) were made after this event. Hope you liked this incredibly personal story.

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22 Jun, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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