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Tiny Planets
Tiny Planets

Tiny Planets


And so the day had come upon the earth when Mother Gaia flew into a pit of rage. Her beautiful lands of trees and green were being lapped on by the waves of Poseidon, and this made her furious. Waves the size of Ourea’s mountains crashed upon her hand woven shores, destroying her care-crafted people. She threatened to banish Poseidon from her Earth, to fill his lands with her creation, and kill his creatures. The stubborn Sea God refused to compromise and swam away, leaving Gaia alone with her woodland critters. Fuming, she called upon Zeus the Almighty to destroy His brother for good. Instead, he sent Poseidon to a tiny planet just west of the Milky Way, and in another time and place he ruled a kingdom of all ocean. That left Gaia to fill his ocean of mistakes.

She pondered on this thought for many a decade, the seas roaring in response- crashing, waving. She would fill his land with that of hers. There would be no water left on the planet, only lush green. But with every decision comes a consequence. The depths of the remaining unexplored ocean cannot just disappear, so the deeper the depths of the woods would take its place. This was not well with the gods.

* * * * *

Then there was Dale.

Author Notes: OMG OK- so i had this great idea and i had to share this- so basically the pitch is---- well idk yet but i really like it. I'm actually going to finish this one, I just wanted to share what i have so far to get your opinions. Should i continue? Let me know!!!

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25 Apr, 2018
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