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Trust & Friendship
Trust & Friendship

Trust & Friendship


Jamal and Raqeeb are friends living in the same neighborhood They graduated from the same University. Besides, they have been very close and true friends Jamal was busy at work and decided to send Raqeeb on his way home to take some money to his parents. Raqeeb placed the amount in his bag at a very safe place before setting out for his long journey. During his journey, Raqeeb lost his wallet and all the money he had. He had no money for lunch despite the journey being so long and tiresome. Moreover, even any amount that he could use to buy water on the way was not available. Despite his condition, Raqeeb did not touch any amount of money given to him by Jamal and ended up delivering the exact amount to Jamal’s’ parents. Despite the hunger, that he faced on the way Raqeeb decided to keep his promise of delivering the amount to Jamal’s parents.

Author Notes: This story of Two Friends which talks about the significance of trust in friendship and convey as trust is one of the ethical principles that govern the character in our society

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20 Jul, 2019
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