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Itz_LevyJersey Taylor
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Author Note: This story is one of my own. Names are false, but they are real people. No one was hurt in the making of this story.

Quick backround on our charater.

Name : Jersey (Last name Unknown)

Age : 14

Gender : Female

Race : White

Hair : Blonde

Eyes : Blue

Background - Mother died when she was 4. Has no other family besides her father.


Jersey´s P.O.V (Part 1)

It was the end of a long middle school day. I was just packing up my things from my 8th hour study hall. I remembered it was Friday. ¨Crap..¨ I thought to myself. Out of all the bad things that has happened to me, this one was the one thing each year that sucked more than anything. I had to go see my mother´s grave. She passed away 10 years ago today.

I heard the bell ring, I grabbed my backpack and headed out the school doors and onto the back of the bus. I sat alone all the way in seat with my backpack on the side closet to walkway. I didnt want anyone to sit next to me. I wasnt really a popular kid, I was the girl that could fit in just about anywhere, if I tried hard enough. The bus took off once all the kids were loaded onto the bus. Seats around me where filled, then there was mine. Empty. Just how I like it. I heard someone call my name, I drifted my attention to a boy in my class. His name was Andrew. He was curiously looking at my arm. I looked down to see a bruise.

¨Hey, Where did you get that?¨ I quickly pulled my sleeve down and ignored him.

He was unsatisfied with my answer, he jumped into my seat and grabbed my arm. ¨Hey, Are you okay?¨ He asked me.

¨I´m fine.¨ I replied still looking out the window of the moving bus. He grabbed my face and brushed my messy hair out of my eyes to get a better look at my face.

¨Jersey, Are you sure you are okay?¨ He asked with a serious tone.

¨Yes. Andrew. I am fine. Please go away.¨ I replied.

¨Not until you tell me where you got that bruise¨ He gripped my arm a little tighter, and started pulling up my sleeve.

¨Hey! Stop!¨ I yanked my arm away. ¨I was clumsy and fell down, okay. Now go away¨

He grabbed my arm and yanked my sleeve up showing my badly black and blue bruises. He just stood there and looked at it. I was in shock. What was I going to do now? I covered my arm back up with my sleeve. Just then the bus came to a hauling stop, I knew it was my stop. I leaned over to him and whispered to him

¨You tell anyone you saw this, and I will hurt you¨ I threatened him, then I pushed past him to get off the bus and started walking on the sidewalk. The bus drove past me and I saw Andrew´s sad face in the window. I tried to ignore that look on his face the best I could.

I walked up to my house. I opened the front door and put my stuff on the ground. I took my shoes off and causiously walked into the kitchen. I saw my dad in the living room with a beer. I did a quiet sigh in relief, he must not have heard me come in the door. I grabbed a box of crackers and made my way up to my room. I didnt want to be caught by my father. That is the last thing I wanted. He´d probably hurt me, if he caught me. I locked my door once I got to my room. What good does it do? I looked at the broken frame where my father has kicked it in countless times.

I was debating on whether or not to go see my mother´s grave today. I was just trying to avoid my father until I could get out of the house again.

I set the crackers down on the bed, and flung my shirt off to the other side of my room. I walked over to the side of my room where I had a huge body mirror. I saw all the bruises my father had left on me from the night before. He got drunk....again. I looked at the bruises on my forearm, chest and stomach. I counted 16 softball-sized bruises on my top half. I didnt dare look at my legs. I didnt like to think I was being abused. I knew my father way a good guy deep down inside. He had been this way ever since my mother died. I was so young that I didnt know what he was doing to me was abuse. I did once threaten to call the cops on him, he handed me his phone and said ¨Here, Call them. It´s going to take them at least 20 minutes for them to get all the way out here. In that time, your pathetic body is left here with me.¨ If I called, he was going to beat me worse then if I didnt. He´d probably kill me. I decided to take the beating that night. He makes sure never to hit my face. He buys me long pants and long sleeves to cover the bruises. He gets mad over the littlest things, yet still takes it out on me....

I shook off my thoughts about my past and opened up my computer to start doing schoolwork.

About half-way through, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I quickly turned off lamp and got in bed. I heard my bedroom door struggle to open. He struggled with the door for a minute, then I heard it open with a loud creak. He looked inside and walked to my desk, I poped an eye open to see what he was doing. He was looking over my Math Homework. I heard him mumble to himself a few times before walking over to my bed. I felt his presents over me. I felt his eyes stare down at me. He then grabbed my arm, not in a harsh way, but gentle. He looked over my arm front to back. I did my best not to move. He then lifted my shirt up, to see the bruises. He did a slight giggle. I layed there, completely motionless. I did a slight groan to let him know I was ¨Waking up¨. He stepped back and walked out of my room, closing the door, I heard his room door shut. I felt the tension die down in the room. My heart was now beating out of my chest. I looked at the time......... 11 pm. Guess it was time to go to bed. I got up and locked my door, once again. I looked at a necklace my mother had wanted to give to me herself when I was old enough. I grabbed it and made a fist with the necklace in my hand. I prayed that the next day wasnt going end with me getting hurt. I preyed that all of this would be over. I wanted to feel safe. I wanted to go somewhere no one could hurt me. I wanted to be in my mothers arms. I put the necklace down and drifted off to sleep...


Flashback to last nights events ( Trigger Warning) :

I was coming home from a long school day. I put my stuff on the ground in its normal spot, when I was confronted by my father.

¨Where have you been, little girl?¨ He shouted at me

¨Dad, I just got home from school.¨ I said with a soft voice

¨So you think you can just go where ever you want, and not tell me??¨ He yelled.

I didnt answer. Wrong Choice.

He harshly slapped my face.

¨It was a question, you little bitch. Answer me!¨ He slapped me again with more force.

¨I-I´m sorry....bu-but you told me to go to sc-school¨ I stuttered with tears in my eyes.

¨Oh, Making up lies, are we? I never told you to go anywhere. You lying bitch.¨ He picked me up by my throat and slammed me against the wall. He harshly pressed against my throat. I couldnt breathe.

¨Now tell me, Why did you go to school?¨ He dropped me on the floor.

I gasped for air, and layed there.

¨ I am not going to repeat myself. Why did you go to school?!¨ He hollered at me

¨You told me to go to school..¨ I whispered in a hoarse voice

¨I did!.¨ He kicked me in the chest ¨No!¨ He kicked me arm ¨Such!¨ And again ¨Thing!!¨ He kicked me so hard in the legs.

I groaned and coughed in pain.

¨Pathetic...¨ He crouched down to my level. He grabbed a fist full of my hair, lifting me up for a few seconds, and slammed my head against the wall.

I screamed in pain.

¨Oh, so it can talk?¨ He said in a mockingly surprised voice. He slammed my head against the wall again

I screamed louder.

He then dropped me on the floor and kicked me.

¨Little girls who lie, get punished. He crouched down to my level again. ¨You are a pathetic worthless piece of shit. I am ashamed to call you my daughter. My daughter would be so much tougher than this pathetic thing laying infront of me.¨ He whispered in my ear. "Now apologize for being a worthless piece of shit, and I will let you off with a warning¨

¨I-I-I´m sorry...¨ I whispered


¨Being a pathetic piece of shit, and being your daughter¨

¨Much better. Now get off my floor¨ He said.

I struggled to get up off the floor. Once I finally did, I made it to my room. Locked the door. And cried myself to sleep.

End of Flashback


To be continued......

Author Notes: Author Note : I am sorry if you are in tears. This one hurt me a little too. 

Please stay safe. You can always message me if you need to talk. I am always here. 

Part 2 should be up later this week, or whenever I get the free time to upload. 

Sorry for any spelling errors


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About The Author
Jersey Taylor
About This Story
13 May, 2020
Read Time
8 mins

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