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Warm Cosy, Safe and Sound
Warm Cosy, Safe and Sound

Warm Cosy, Safe and Sound

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Warm Cosy, Safe and Sound

By Spyro

Water pours from the dark endless sky, hitting the roof like bullets. Like bullets in guns that police have to get bad guys. There is a full circle tonight. It floats in the mist of all the stars. I thought it shone but Mama said it reflects light from the sun. The trees are looney. Papa always says I make him go looney. The trees were probably looney because they were shivering from the cold wind outside. But I'm warm cosy, safe and sound. I can hear howling, and it grows louder and louder, did someone let the dogs out? Or is there wolves on the loose? They can’t bother me though, because I am warm cozy, safe and sound. But what if it's the Big Bad Wolf? Could he huff and puff and blow our house down? But my teacher said his book is fiction. Fiction means fake, and so that means he’s fake. Now I can hear a rumble, and then a "CLAP"! The clap had light. It could have shocked me! Wait, never mind. I am warm cosy, safe and sound. I love Mr Monkey. He lies underneath my arm as I cuddle him close to my chest. He smells like peanut butter and jelly. Papa says I shouldn’t feed him my food, but I don’t mind sharing. And he protects me from the monster under my bed. I wouldn’t mind if that monster was James P. Sullivan, but unfortunately he’s fiction too. My eyes are itchy and heavy all of a sudden, so I rub them with the back of my left hand. That tells me I'm tired. I'm glad I can sleep peacefully. I don’t have to worry about the wolves, or the clap, or the monster underneath my bed, because I am warm and cosy, safe and sou…

Author Notes: Does this even make sense to anyone else other than me?

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20 May, 2019
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1 min

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