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A Weird Thing
A Weird Thing

A Weird Thing

ThomastheRayThomas Ray
1 Review

It's frustrating to me how much history is selectively told.

One example is how if you ask any high schooler who a bad person was, I'd bet that most of them would say Hitler before anyone else. He's the only bad dude we really hear about in detail, and like the rest of school, it's not very specific.

Another thing is how many boats have sunk, thousands upon thousands of lives lost, and we only ever hear about the Titanic. Even though the Wilhelm Gustloff was six times worse in terms of casualties.

Basically, I'm just really confused. Why do we only hear about a select few things when so much of history is open to us?

There needs to be more of a balance.

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Thomas Ray
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29 Jun, 2019
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