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When the Glue Ran Out. Reviews

3 reviews have given an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 Stars
frankhill77 gave a rating of 5

Wow wow wow, the thought put into this is amazing. The way the thought of the glue running out is mind blowing. This is always going to be a piece of writing that will always impact me to an a place that no one will understand. I would recommend you that you go to a website that I personality use. they pay you 30 to 40 dollars a hour to write books, there is no experience needed. If you want more info then please contact me through this website. Please, Please, Please keep up the writing mate, and never give up, ight mate?

luke111 gave a rating of 5

Omg this spoke to me so much, I too has had a horrible experience in life, it pushed me down to where I thought I could never get back up. Once again I thank you for this wonderful poem and the inspiration it must give other ppl besides me.

GONE gave a rating of 4

this is good, i find it slightly empty, lacking emotion. there's emotion in there but as a reader i can't connect to it. it's written well and with a bit more work, it will be great.
don't mean to offend you, so please don't think that. this is just my opinion.

wilkersont425 Thank you autumn, I will make sure to add emotion in my future poems.
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