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Whispers to the Wind Reviews

SANDMAN gave a rating of 5

This piece cannot be quickly read – that is a certainty. To do so is to miss the layer upon layer of meaning collected in simple phrasing. For those readers with inner eyes and ears, listen and observe carefully to what is offered or you will miss a treasure.
I question the use of the word ‘savior.’ I sense the Absolute skillfully weaving its way through the yin, yang, and twilight zones we all travel through on our way to perfection.
When the soul reaches perfection, it has perfect recall of all life experiences. The 822 words contained herein testify to that truth. The author will laugh and disagree as well he should, nevertheless.
A little nit-picking:
Their faces may be haggard, but their (they) carry an inner calmness.
Over the eons, I have leant (learnt) another secret about them.
I give it five stars which hardly seems adequate.

Khaled Saeed
Khaled Saeed Wow, JT, you impress me even more with your depth of understanding.
Before I go on, let me confess that your nit-picking is absolutely correct, and my apologies for the lapses.

For an author, as you would certainly know better than I do, a very gratifying feeling is when the reader appreciates the undertone, and not just the text. You have taken it a step beyond, almost like a mind-reader. Looking at your review, I almost feel envious because you commented not as the reader, but the writer himself; a less insightful person could never have reached there.
It is a privilege to have merited your attention, JT.

Stay blessed
Author -

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