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Who Do You Think You Are?
Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are?

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The world does not revolve around you.

You are not the center of attention.

You will not be popular forever.

Who do you think you will be?

Without friends because you have betrayed them all?

A lonely little girl that cries in the corner every Friday?

Why do you think that you own the world?

You are not the boss of me.

I can take care of myself.

You can laugh at me all you want,

you can say things behind my back.

You can call me as many names as you want.

But keep this in mind,

Who do you think you are?

Author Notes: I want to say this to people sometimes. There are times when we don't realize that we have hurt someone, that we have broken their heart. I want to scream this out loud, but I can't. Please comment! :P

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About This Story
31 Mar, 2019
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<1 min
4.5 (2 reviews)

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