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Why Lies?
Why Lies?

Why Lies?

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Dear friend,

I will never send this, but it feels good to write it somewere.
We used to be so close, or so you said.
You never meant any harm, at least that's what you told me.
You hurt me every day, you still do.
I sprained my ankle and what do you do? You made me run and obviously that does not help a sprained ankle.
I hade deppression, you knew that I did. Yet, you hurt me physically as well as mentally and made me so sad I wanted to die, like right then and there, but you kept hurting me. I told you that you hurt me, you pretended that you understood. You said that I hade a place in your heart, you even said you hade a crush on me. I, having a crush on you at the time, fell for it, but of course, just another one of your lies.

Then, of course, just like in movies, there were your "side kicks". Because of them, you weren’t the only one who bullied me. One of them actually used to be my friend, before you "recruited" her.

Let's just say, you caused me a lot of pain. and you never regretted it once.
But, even if you have caused me hell a lot of pain, I still like you.

Until I forgive you,


Author Notes: This is pretty personal seeing as its a true story (and still is). It actually did feel good to write this down.

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5 Jun, 2019
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