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Why Pixar's Cars Franchise Is Actually Good
Why Pixar's Cars Franchise Is Actually Good

Why Pixar's Cars Franchise Is Actually Good


So, this will probably be unprofessional and ill-researched going forward, but let's brush that aside. This is, after all, an animated movie, meant for entertainment.


So, uh, I never really liked Cars number one until I was roughly thirteen, and even then I thought it was pretty meh. One thing I've heard a lot in regards to this franchise is that there's no reason for them to be cars, but I feel like that's a terrible argument. We'll get to why they're wrong in a bit.

First let's address how they're right.

"If the movie was about humans racing cars, the plot would be effectively the same, and the world would make more sense."

This point is actually really good, and at first I was 100%on board. Change the cars to people piloting cars, and instead of being....well, Cars, it'd be a generic racing movie about getting over your pride and learning to value friendship over fame. Still meh, but without the confusion of wondering how cars die, or how they come to exist. Like, what even is this world? Where are all the people┬┐ (Personally, I love what Jenny Nicholson had to say about the franchise. I love it more than I can ever say. "You're a bad car.")

Okay, so yeah, the cars are weird. And the story of the first one is a 5/10 situation; not bad not great.

Then there's Cars 2. This one is the best one and everyone who disagrees *deep breath* is fine. It's okay. But they're spy cars. How did anyone dislike this masterpiece of weirdness?

Cars 2 is so entertaining. I low-key hate Mater, but he's twice the car Mcqueen is. He was hilarious ten years ago, and nostalgia lets me ignore the stupid now. I like him. I like Holly, I like the Professor, and I like Mcmissile's accent. The gadgets constantly popping out from their wheels and engines are fantastic and I will never stop wishing I could have a rocket launcher in my arm.

This story is great, and the characters are hilarious. I give this one 7/10 for being flippin' amazing.







Why are we back to the boring drama of "I'm faster and more annoying than you"? We just traveled the world and now we're looking in rotting barns for a mentor, Luke Skywalker style. Now we're training at the beach, and racing like lame normal cars. Well, "normal"

I honestly don't remember 80% of this one, and I've watched it more recently than either of its predecessors. It's boring. If you like it, good for you. But despite my dislike for it as a movie, I am overjoyed that it exists.

Here's why.

I know why they're cars. They are cars because young boys love cars, and even if they don't understand the plot, or character arcs, they can appreciate the "vroom, vroom" of mr Lightning Mcqueen. They see Sally and go "ooh, light blue car" even if they don't catch the flirtatious looks and glares of hatred she so often bestows upon our insufferable protagonist. They understand cars. They love cars. I have witnessed this first hand.

Also, cars are marketable as heck.

My nostalgic connection to the movies made it hard for me to listen to people hating on it, but I still did because sometimes I hate myself. Anyway, in their favor, the movies did really badly financially, and all the adults that rated and reviewed it hated the franchise. Just when I thought my poor soul could not handle any more, I realised why they were cars, and why it's actually the greatest thing Pixar has ever created. (That's sarcastic, by the way.)

Cars one was decent. The world hated the sequel. But despite that, despite the financial pattern of the series, they made another one.

That takes guts.

I admire that decision.

Pixar is fantastic and I love Cars because I'm spiteful.

Author Notes: Hello. People of the internet. I'm here

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1 May, 2020
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