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With Us Still (A Ghost Story for Christmas) Reviews

SANDMAN gave a rating of 3

When I saw the word GHOST in the title, I thought something scary was about to happen. But, of course, that is not what this tale is about. It's a visitation from those who have stepped back through the veil to comfort those who remain on this plane of existence.

It is not an unlikely event and should be cherished for its intent. The story was told in a simple matter-of-fact manner which added to it's charm.

i would suggest the author read the tale aloud or have someone read it for them. This will highlight a few areas that require the writer's attention.

Other than that, the voice of the narrator perfectly captures the character of this piece. The pace of the story is very good. The structure needs a little attention - reading the story aloud will assist in polishing that aspect.

The writing is fluent and readable. Images are quite plausible Observations and descriptions are effortless and create a vivid setting, evoking mood and atmosphere.

This is a very pleasant and charming piece of writing.



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