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Yobuko's Story Reviews

5 reviews have given an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 Stars
SwaggerMcdagger gave a rating of 5

Man this has terrible format and grammer but the story is amazing and the sadness it brings me is unbleveable

Jackass gave a rating of 5

its so god damn sad is this what really happened to you????? i feel sorry for you and i hope a light shines bright in your life

Samni gave a rating of 4

Love the story, needs some better editing.

-From someone who knows the whole story ;)

James Maybrick
James Maybrick thank you samni and yeah it does need better editing from my editor
Author -
lemonslice gave a rating of 2

This is very sad, but it's not a full story yet. Your writing feels rushed and is incorrectly formatted too.

James Maybrick
James Maybrick yea but thanks for giving your thoughts its not a full story i rushed it because of the moment
Author -
Kat gave a rating of 5

That's horrible!! (Not the writing, the emotions and pain)
I just died inside.
You probably feel a lot worse. I am so sorry. I hope you've gotten over it somehow and were able to fin happiness. I sometimes dread waking up, to be truthful, but I don't know exactly how you feel.
Depression is hard. I hope you feel better soon. Losing loved ones breaks you in a way that can only be forgotten by short distractions. I'm so sorry.


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