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Logan van Engelen

AlanAngel is from ES Spain • 40 y/o • Male

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.
An Interview With God. 18+
An interview with god includes drama, twists that turn into a real life Da Vinci code adventure and a telling of what happens when the fake Illuminati meets the real Illuminati.
58 mins
Words: 11696
Read Time: 58 mins
Neighbors 18+
A new family moves into a quiet neighborhood. As the gossip starts, some local residents want to know more about their new neighbors.
31 mins
Words: 6320
Read Time: 31 mins
The Exile 18+
Ben awakens and finds himself in a situation he has no memory of. Determined to get answers he pushes on. Nothing could prepare him for what happens next...
35 mins
Words: 7036
Read Time: 35 mins