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Amber Leaghes

AmberLeaghes is from GB United Kingdom • 48 y/o • Female

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4 Jan, 2019
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3 hours ago
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Latest Stories by Amber Leaghes

The Lonely Swan (#3) .... Together Alone (Chapters 1 - 9)
In a world where brutality rules, a young girl walks the lands in order to fulfill a promise she made to those she loved and lost. (Chapters 1 - 9) (Chapters 10 - 11 to follow)
43 mins
Words: 8756
Read Time: 43 mins
The Lonely Swan (#2) .... Alone and Forsaken
A lonely young girl, having lost all she ever loved, runs for her life in the hope of fulfilling a promise she made ...
49 mins
Words: 9857
Read Time: 49 mins
The Lonely Swan (#1) .... Lonely Sorrow
A young girl, with a loving heart, realises her life is never going to be the same ever again.
37 mins
Words: 7542
Read Time: 37 mins