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Amber Leaghes

AmberLeaghes is from GB United Kingdom • 51 y/o • Female

Outbreak (Lazarus Affliction, Part 1) 18+
Story by Quill (31)
Set in the near future, the Western Australian city of Perth, has been invaded by an unknown pathogen that is turning healthy people into flesh eating monsters.
28 mins
Words: 5658
Read Time: 28 mins
Poem by billyyoutwo1 (77)
A poem about the hypocrisy of war remembrance .
<1 min
Words: 174
Read Time: <1 min
All Part of the Service
Story by Shadowfax (68)
Inter-world communication
14 mins
Words: 2831
Read Time: 14 mins
A Modern Woman
Story by dpenrose (50)
World War 1 introduced a new range of possibilities for women, and changed their roles in society.
11 mins
Words: 2326
Read Time: 11 mins
We Were the Fools
Story by Matt Bailey (38)
If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse... a story about bullying.
6 mins
Words: 1375
Read Time: 6 mins
Silent Sentiments
Story by Khaled Saeed (65)
In a world increasingly alienated from sentiments, this story touches upon the feelings that we fail to sense around us.
4 mins
Words: 928
Read Time: 4 mins
The Old Woman In The Garden
Story by Keadie (62)
Sometimes the people whom we've hardly known leave the strongest impressions in life.
4 mins
Words: 916
Read Time: 4 mins
Angel of Music
The show was over.
3 mins
Words: 749
Read Time: 3 mins