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Amber Leaghes

AmberLeaghes is from GB United Kingdom • 51 y/o • Female

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YOU WEREN'T EVEN THERE by billyyoutwo1

I rather interesting piece of work on how many people believe they know of such situations and mental scars even though they have never faced such, shall we say 'high-end' combat.
Medals are given out to those who stand in offices barking orders down the coms whilst those dodging the white heat of metal flashing passed ones head are simply seen as worthless fodder.
To know of such emotions one has to experience such situations. It's not something you can research in libraries or on google. A soldiers feelings and mental scars are their own personal wars raging inside their minds.
No one else cares. Except maybe once or twice a year when they done a poppy and fall silent for a minute ... But once that minute is up and the poppy no longer sits on their lapel they soon forget, until next time they done that poppy to show their faux-care.
Soldiers see things they can never 'un-see' and no matter how much counseling is offered the nightmares are always there, dragging you awake in the darkness of night.
Yet those sending soldiers into battle are the ones seen as heroes.

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The Old Woman In The Garden by Keadie

A nice read on how a person's childhood changes in the blink of an eye ...

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