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ChrisPlato is from GB United Kingdom • 64 y/o • Male

trying to write stories for amusement and edification


My journey through writing encompasses song lyrics, scripts for film and radio to flash fiction and short stories.

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7 Mar, 2021
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'There are no such things as good books, or bad books. They are either well written, or not.' Oscar Wilde

A lifetime working very closely with people, combined with a longstanding fascination with visual illusions, paradox and social perceptions, leads me to the conclusion that what one sees is very rarely what one gets. While my work is not without its flights of fancy, everything is based on observation; a meeting, a phrase or an experience. This gives the writing a believability which I hope readers will recognise from their own lives.

Long time married, currently living on the English South Coast, we have no need for pets as everybody else already has a dog.

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