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Danny Beeson

danbee88 is from GB United Kingdom • 24 y/o

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25 Feb, 2020
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Latest Stories by Danny Beeson

Upon The Mountainside 18+
Lyncon tracks a troll through the mountains after it attacks a village and captures a group of children.
37 mins
Words: 7590
Read Time: 37 mins
A Consequence of Murder 18+
Lyncon has been arrested for murder but before he can be tried and hanged the Lord who holds him offers a way out, a job. Kill a monster and he goes free. There must be a catch, there always is.
39 mins
Words: 7843
Read Time: 39 mins
The Basilisk
Short story inspired by The Witcher.
15 mins
Words: 3186
Read Time: 15 mins