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Darkness is from GB United Kingdom • 11 y/o • Female

IM backkk......


Uhm, hi? Go see my other bio, or read my stories. If you're not doing any of those, leave. I don't like wanderers on the profile I spent ages on. Okay, bye. For the people that are doing one of the 2, you are blessed hooman. May a ketchup bottle bring taste to your food.

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29 Mar, 2021
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25 days ago
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About the girl, that you've come to know about for some reason?

Hello, fellow hooliagan. My name is Had, well I like being called that. In this bio, I'll just pretty much talking about my life and the people that I like on this platform. Thanks for visiting.

Food: Pretty much anything but green foods, they're terrifying to look at.

Songs: I like too many, so I won't be able to list them.

Theme: I like aesthetic sorta things, they're like the best things ever.

Hobbies: Reading and writing, and sometimes gaming.

Book: I love Sky Song, The House On Chicken Legs, Anne Of Green Gables, The Land Of Stories Series, and so much more.

Films: It (I couldn't sleep for a week, but hey it was worth bragging that I watched it.) Horror ones, and uhmmm good ones?

Fears: Spiders (don't laugh at me, please), ruining new books by turning the page, and getting told off by the teacher in front of, the class

Weird Stuff About Me: I hate books that contain weird, and complicated words, and plots I don't understand, I put it down straight away. Like annoying people that annoy me ( totally worth it though) and I like being weird ( don't laugh or mock me, I like doing it, so if you dare say anything, I'll take your blood out and replace it with ketchup, just kidding! Don't panic, hooman)

People that deserve to have an Oscar:

Licorice- some sort of genius, and talented writer than I'll ever be. I feel like a 1-year-old when I compare my story to theirs. Overall their my friend, so prepare to face the consequences if you hurt em

-Lynyann- Okay, uhm so Lyn is like the best sorta person that you get in the world. Like you wouldn't find a person like her, in like 1,000,000,00 people, she's that sorta special. Her stories are too good. Want writing advice? Go to her. She is an overall amazing hooman, and will soon be my child. Hurt her, and prepare to bear the fire of 1,0000,0000 demons.

♥ ᑭг𝔦ᶰℂ𝐞𝐒𝔰 ♥- she's wonky, amazing, splendidly weird, and her stories are awesome. We just started being friends, but if you hurt her, prepare to have expired ketchup down ya throat

Dayzie ❤️- Amazing and talented writer. Hurt him, prepare to have 1,000,000,00 knives thrown at you.

🍟𝔸𝕧𝕚𝕒𝕟𝕟𝕒🍟- she's my goose. Hurt her, and prepare to have a load of spears stabbed in your back.

Kade :p- his stories are on fleek, unlike my eyebrows, he just started uploading so check him out. Hurt him, and prepare to be cooked alve.

And that's about it! Check those dudes out, and I'm outta here.

WhAt ArrE YoU dOinG??

leave. right now.

still here? I said leave. still?

okay for real, leave. bye, I'm not typing this anymore

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