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Davylight is from GB United Kingdom • 78 y/o

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Depression by Author Unknown

I too have suffered depression, brought on by not sharing my thoughts, becoming a closed shell.
I was fortunate that many of my friends did not discard me, and over many years and medicines I have attained real life and enjoyment. Yes you cannot see what is broken with mental illness and just saying pull yourself together is no hope either.
Finding something that interests you and gives you a purpose to live is most important. My Christian faith helped me eventually to regain my self. So there are many similarities and some differences. It is good that you can share your experience, we;ll done.

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You Think YOU'RE Having A Bad Day? by Galaxian

I haven't laughed so much whilst reading this series of incidents entitled
"You think you are having a bad day?"

The stories are almost totally believable as true. Could make a good film about these. Just needs expanding into a consistent storey theme about an unfortunate family - always getting into severe scrapes!

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