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DiVitto is from US United States • 4 y/o • Male


DiVitto’s first novel was published by award-winning Severed Press. He has four published short stories in the Dead But Dreaming horror anthology (with another in October), two self-published novellas, along with two other completed novels. He is a librarian with a master’s degree in library science and the former head of the South Regional/Broward College writers group.


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26 Apr, 2016
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Latest Stories by DiVitto

The Aquarium
Two teen slackers exploring an old aquarium stumble across a walled off building and discover an ominous pool covered in deep green algae.
14 mins
Words: 2849
Read Time: 14 mins
Barn Find
Mr Brickman, sleazy DC lobbiest, is hellbent on finding classic car gem at all cost. A retired school teacher may have the find of the century tucked away in her rundown barn. Let's see what happens.
20 mins
Words: 4105
Read Time: 20 mins