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falystars is from ZW Zimbabwe • 17 y/o • Female

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Sometimes I Just Wish by TheForgotten

This, this is just how i feel.

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The Answer to... Well, Everything by NobodyImportant

well , suicide is an opption ... but it's not the only one
look whose talking , i've considered it too ,so young yet so old , I may be talking to myself right now but you die but you still don't know why you were here , don't you want to know too ? maybe , maybe not , i don't even know why i'm saying this , i want to help , knowone's helped me , maybe can help others ? you in this case , if it's not too late . all i'm saying is , it's not the only opption , there isn't one way around it , there never is .

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You by NobodyImportant

it's good

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