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jim brown

FarmerBrown is from US United States • 78 y/o

Peace Corps Catch 22
In the Peace Corps a Milo Mindbender character corners the chicken and beer market.
14 mins
Words: 2883
Read Time: 14 mins
Lead With Your Right Foot
I accompany friends who are climbers to the base camp of Mount Winchell in California. I'm not a climber and just want to hike up with them to the base. Instead I'm coaxed to climb the mountain.
23 mins
Words: 4649
Read Time: 23 mins
When Going Gets Tough, Tough Get Going
I fall into a fire and struggle to escape. Burne, I enter an adventure of new experiences.
24 mins
Words: 4879
Read Time: 24 mins
The Decoy
I kept a decoy thorough life which reminds me of the Alviso of my youth.
10 mins
Words: 2001
Read Time: 10 mins
Don't Drink The Water
Gringo learns he's not any tougher than a Mexican
20 mins
Words: 4094
Read Time: 20 mins
While working at Frontier Village amusement park I get shot, not with a blank but with a bullet.
25 mins
Words: 5025
Read Time: 25 mins
4th Of July
As a boy I was enthralled with firecrackers. The 4th of July was my favorite holiday.
13 mins
Words: 2718
Read Time: 13 mins
Due to an economic downturn, cheap real estate and a little excess cash we become slumlords which turns out to be a dangerous occupation.
6 mins
Words: 1361
Read Time: 6 mins
Death Merchant
Confronted by gender politics I play the good ole biy card.
8 mins
Words: 1632
Read Time: 8 mins
Crusader Rabbit
My experience working at the Santa Clara County Assessor's office in the 1970' before Proposition 13.
27 mins
Words: 5551
Read Time: 27 mins
Anchor Off The Bow
A scuba dive adventure turns south
24 mins
Words: 4907
Read Time: 24 mins
Christmas Eve
Job in college delivering and collecting rental TVs
13 mins
Words: 2713
Read Time: 13 mins