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Frostnn is from CA Canada • 14 y/o • Female

"I do not kill with my gun; he who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father. I kill with my heart.” Stephen King, The Gunslinger

14 year old writer, reader, and avid procrastinator.

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18 Jun, 2022
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From A Gamer To An Aspiring Writer

NOTE: Towards the end there are some things about me. The first few paragraphs are how I became from a gamer, to a writer/wanting to be a hypnotist as well.

For most of my younger days it was spent playing video games with my brother (and sometimes I go to a park I used to live near to be friends with the little kids as well.) Most of the games I used to play was; roblox, minecraft, geometry dash, some fortnite and some io games. During those years, I spent countless hours staring at a screen wether it being a ps3, ps4 a tablet, (I did play on things like an NES, WII, XBOX and XBOX 360) and even sevreal computers I caused viruses on, knowing that I will be like one of the famous youtubers who get paid to play video games because I known what it takes to be a "good, yet entertaining youtuber."

However, with the amount of video games, and social media I used, my grades weren't going to improve itself during grades 3-6. Apart from gym and art, usually giving myself the 3+'s every other class was always a 2 with something that each teacher liked about me. Even though my grades were bad, I was sent to two diffrent "programs" to help me with my English and my Math, both of them bringing my self of steam down as well as the personal issues I had at home. Theese programs had made me gave the hatred for both English and Math.

Despite my hatred for Math and English, I love gym class (and still do to this day). In grade 5 I particpated in the cross country team with my brother, getting a time of 15 minutes, and my brother 13 or 11 minutes, and the girl's basketball team (whcih I sat out for most of the games for no reason.). I had three good friend's at school, one who has autisim, another has hearing aids (we have been best friends since kindergarden), a freind who was normal but had to move unfourtently, and we promised eachother to be with eachother, however the "best friends forever" thing doesn't exist as everyone has to move on at somepoint.

Since the beginning of the covid pandemic, after moving another cople times, me, my brother (younger by one year), and my younger sister, were homeschooled for that year. I relearend everything that I was bad on (and in grade seven I did get all three's for the first time as well) and that was Math and English. However, what I didn't know was that I did (my grandfather known, but kept it secret.) grade 9 math, science, social studies, and english during my homeschool year. With my math I first got a 56%, before eventually getting around the 90-100% range, same thing with my English as well.

Even though I did well with that, my first novel I read in almost 5 years (I read comic books, and if I had to read a novel I will, but I didn't enjoy it much as comics) made me want to write a book was Stephen King's The Gunslinger book one of the Dark Tower. I read 19 books that year with authors such as Dan Brown, Rachel Vincent, Lisa Jackson ectra.

With the novels I've read devloped my writing style with several attempts on writing a novel due to Imposter Syndrome. In grade 9, (I am going into grade 10 this year because I passed all my courses.) both of my English teacher's loved my writing style due to it's "engaging and energetic" writing style, (but I do way better at things like letter's stories, peoms ectra. I am not meant to do non fiction, essays, or anything formal but I am trying to improve.) and gotten high marks in both of those classes. My parent's and friend's saying that I have an vivid imagination and a really good memory/photographic memory. And that is how I wanted to be a aspring writer.

Now it's time for some things about me (If you have read the thing above I thank you for reaidng it)

Favourite Color: Black and White

Favourite Fantasy Book: The Dark Tower (books 1-3)

Favourite Dystopian Book: Soul Screamers by Rachel Vincent

Favourite Mystery Book: 13 by Steve Cavanaugh or Paranoid by Lisa Jackson

Favourite Comic: The Armoy Wars In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth or Zombus

Things I done: I have done skateboarding, snowboarding, biking, scootering. I do penny boarding ( I am learning how to do tricks on it)

What I Like To Collect: I like to collect things I find from the thirft store, books (and lots of books), and eletronic things either old, new or anything eletronic.

What I am learning: I am learning hypnotisim at the moment (I have always been amazed it at since the age of 12.)

Fun Fact About Me: I was deaf for five years, passing kindgarden and learning my abc's, colors, shapes, and 123s deaf before getting a sugery for hearing in grade one.

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