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Haley_Calderwood is from US United States • 15 y/o • Female

Slither down the tree, into your skin


I'm Viper aka (Haley) and I'm a lovely person who likes dark stories. Has and infinite soul of emptiness except towards some people(Mr. Mills)

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30 Oct, 2019
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8 months ago

Hi I'm Viper, also Haley Calderwood and I like to write dark poetry and stuff like that and such. I love the forest because who wouldn't love the forest!!! I'm here because my bf Mr. Mills <3 and I'm excitted!!! I want critiques so I can be a better writer, I want all the feedback I can get. Be mean to me and I'll bite you and send Shawn upon you all. Love all of you guys thank you for reading this profile Amen. !!!

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