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hayburn33 is from MT Malta • 83 y/o

Always the Hero
Florrie thought he was just another maimed soldier, no different from any of the others
22 mins
Words: 4492
Read Time: 22 mins
A Swell Thief Part 3
The evidence piles up as word from America confirms James Lyon as a known thief.
19 mins
Words: 3972
Read Time: 19 mins
A Swell Thief Part 2
A series of hotel robberies in Scotland lead the police to James Lyon and his accomplice.
27 mins
Words: 5583
Read Time: 27 mins
A Swell Thief Part 1
James Lyon is said to be the most successful thief now at work.
10 mins
Words: 2104
Read Time: 10 mins
Dog Trouble
On a hot summer day, Scruffy is badly in need of a cooling bathe in the river. Unfortunately, he's attached to a lead.
10 mins
Words: 2191
Read Time: 10 mins