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HeliumToBreathe is from US United States • 17 y/o • Female

I'll couch my days, I'm gone in such a blaze of lazy love And it's turning me to scum - Sweet FA by Peach Pit


I'm gonna stand outside, so if anyone asks; I'm OUTSTANDING

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2 Mar, 2019
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Ahoj! Jak se máš?

Thats Czech. I'm not Czechish or anything, but you know, it's not bad to explore!!

Yeah so. Hello! How do you do? I'm doing great thank you, yes yes.

Lol, I'll stop now.

A little about me.......

I am strongly into the arts - don't get me wrong, tennis is also an art, and I perform it splendidly :)). I LOVE to write - obvi - I sing and play many instruments, I draw and create things; tho they may not be as perfecshion (that was on purpos) as others' work - but we don't need to get into that - and I am me. You should be you too, it's rad.

Weird is my middle name; definetly not Grace :D, so don't mix it up! I have so many moods, I'm starting to have a moodled mind... hahah get it? No? ok. So... I love to chat and make new friends, all the while exploring more!! I'm this kinda perosn: if I could, right now, venture the world... I'd steel a plane! 'Cause I ain't got one atm :(

Well, hopefully you get me, if not its cool - cool as ice! - ehehe - buut it's you so be you >:(

But no, really, just be you :))

Enjoy your day/night/life where ever and whoever you are!!!!


(Now, I AM Italian XD)

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