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im_sot_ntupid is from US United States • 16 y/o • Male

"Seek respect, not attention. It lasts longer." - Ziad Abdelnour

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9 Nov, 2021
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get to know me a bit

favorite band: My Chemical Romance (they're like awesome.)

favorite food: the souls of my enemies. im joking, its mushrooms

favorite liquid snack (drink): pineapple juice.

favorite song: black parade by my chemical romance 🖤

favorite color: sapphire

How to stalk me: if you ever wanna stalk me (and if you do.. dont).. im the one with dark.. fuzzy.. hair (which i hate) i have eyes. and im pretty sure theyre dark brown. i'll probably have dark jeans on and a beanie. (**BONUS** if you ever decide to kidnap me i am very slow so you'd have a nice chance! please dont though haha o_o)

ive got autophobia - fear of being alone

If you're looking for a bud you should friend...

Despicable_Moi - they're really understanding and great at giving support

Blitzø - they're like absolutely lit. and so much fun but you better be ready to inhale their weirdness

I sort of just started so i dont really have many friends haha.

Well.. hope you got to know me. Now get lost

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