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JHACK14 is from AU Australia • 17 y/o

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Dreaming for Amnesia by Sierrapreciado

Of course, the best example why love is a source of healing but also a potion of harming.

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A Place Where I Grew Up by Natasha-Jane

I am speechless. This tragic and sad story nearly brought me to tears, then gave me goosebumps. Definitely one of the best sad stories I have read.

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Barbie Dolls by afhub226

I really love how this poem turns out, It is unique and deep.
I like those rhymes you had. I'm more of an author but i enjoy poems cause they are short. Some are very long and I don't appreciate that but this one was perfect length. I also like the personification relation between you and the doll. Nice job. Keep doing this stuff.

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