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JozayBigras is from CA Canada • 30 y/o

Reviews Given

Blackout by Andy (Formerly Apemann)

Needs more descriptive words, did not like this style.

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Mirror of Obscurity by Andy (Formerly Apemann)

This is terribly depressing, was difficult to read through it all. Found it to be all over the place.

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Redemption by Andy (Formerly Apemann)

This is terribly written, sounds like you wrote out the argument you had with yourself in your head... where's the redemption part?

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IDEOLOGY or TECHNOLOGY by Avantika Bhosle

I like the poem, just watch your spelling: You* not u..

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She Was Everything by TheForgotten

Contrary to what Andy is saying, this spoke to me, was very satisfying. Why? Because I can relate very well. Though I do agree this may have been better as a poem, the content within the story is very relatable and touching. Especially the part where she says, I feel everything...

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