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Legolas_Greenleaf is from US United States • 13 y/o • Female

"Your limitation-it's only your imagination"


Hi! I'm Legolas, and I'm 13 and still enjoy reading/writing fairytales and still have all my AG dolls, and I enjoy making videos with them, SO SUE ME. I am a big fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and romance shows/movies/books.

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13 Oct, 2019
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Speedy Round!

Favorite Movie: Stargate

Favorite TV Show: Stargate SG 1

Favorite Book: Lord of the Rings Return of the King

Favorite Author: J.R.R Tolkien

Favorite Song Writer(s), Modern: Au/Ra

Favorite Song Writer(s), Not Modern: Billy Jole and Elton Jhon

Favorite Band(s), Modern: None

Favorite Band(s), Not Modern: Aerosmith

Favorite Song(s), Modern: Assasin and White Knuckles by Au/Ra

Favorite Song(s), Not Modern: ...yea I can't choose.

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Food: Italian/Indian food I can't choose a specific meal though because they all are so good...

Favorite Place: Germany

Favorite Animal: Mother Nature, I can' choose between fluffy Persian dogs and wrinkly sphinx cats so sue me...

Favorite Subject: English/Writing

Favorite Nonschool Subject: Astronomy

Favorite Greek Myth: ... GAME OVER PRESS "PLAY" TO RESTART...x-x

Favorite Roman Myth: Don't make me choose, it's like choosing between my nonexistent children...

Favorite Norse Myth: "How does she know all these myths?" You may be asking...IT"S CALLED MAGNUS CHASE AND PERCY JACKSON...also I don't wanna have to choose...

Favorite Greek God/Goddess: Hermes/Tyche

Favorite Roman God/Goddess: Vulcan/Juno

Favorite Norse God/Goddess: Loki/Freya

What would I want to be when I grow up: An Author...DUH...but if I didn't make it as that I would be a costume designer for the movies.

Favorite Store: Hot Topic and Boxed Lunch both are similar if you've been to one then that's what the other is like to.

Favorite Article of Clothing: My Army Surplus jacket.

Favorite Pass-Time: Reading and Writing

How many books am I currently reading: Well let's see...1........102.......220.....Undetermined.

Do I have way to much time on my hands?: Yes, yes I do.

Would being in a relationship help?: Yes, probably.

Am I going into a relationship anytime soon?: No, most definitely not.

You are probably asking what Pride am I?: I am Straight.

What's your opinion on boys: I have a minuscule vocabulary thronged with imprudent words like "loquacious" and "Antidisestablishmentarianism" until men can live up to my vocabulary standards, they suck.

Will, they ever live up to my other standards?: Probably not.

What words would my friends use to describe me?: Geeky, Spunky, Smart, Happy-Go-Lucky

Book Crush(s) (cause, unlike normal girls who have celebrity crushes, I have crushes on nonexistent people.): Nevill Longbottom (don't judge, I like the geeky type), Samwise Gamgee ( I also have a thing for underdogs), and more

Favorite writer here: I like all of them but my favorite is TaylorEmilyAdaros.

Tell me other things you want to know about me and I'll add them!

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