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MarkALucas is from GB United Kingdom • 59 y/o

Self-published author.


I have been a creative writer for a number of years and enjoy short story writing. I have self-published a collection of short stories (The Eye of the Beholder) and a novel (Corinthian Spirit) and hope to attract a publisher at some time in the future.


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The story so far

I began writing a novel around the time of the Millenium and short stories a little later on. Various life experiences reduced my output until I completed a collection of short stories in 2012 which I self-published. The stories in The Eye of the Beholder are all based on famous works of art (another of my interests) that are intended to illustrate some aspect of the subject or its intended meaning.

My half-finished novel then took up the bulk of my writing time and, finally, I reached completion of the first draft. After a period of editng and rewriting I set about approaching a number of potential publishers but to no avail. Corinthian Spirit was released in 2017.

I am currently working on ideas for my next project and writing short stories once more until I am ready to bring this to fruition.

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