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minasu is from GB United Kingdom • 29 y/o

Brothers Wren
Kristina Ninotchka feeds a pair of wrens as part of her Sunday ritual. This time Benjamin the bugle-playing blackbird joins the party and Kristina puts him to task in this short fairytale.
9 mins
Words: 1948
Read Time: 9 mins
In the sky, you and I
A magical realist story that takes place inside a desktop clock. Marie is an elderly lady who lives with her son Nico. She leads a trouble-free life of routine, unaware of Nico's bohemian lifestyle.
18 mins
Words: 3666
Read Time: 18 mins
Soul Sweeper
Mi Na leaves his restaurant to embark on an adventure of self-discovery.
26 mins
Words: 5259
Read Time: 26 mins