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mknizam is from BD Bangladesh • 43 y/o

The story is about some funny but witty activities of a soldier who returned from a war and was now homeless, so started wandering and raving over different places and experienced various types of int
23 mins
Words: 4672
Read Time: 23 mins
The Cruelty of a Husband
A young man who falls in love with a girl and marries her but for inheriting his father's property and to diminish his father's anger for the marriage without his approval, the man kills his pregnant
8 mins
Words: 1787
Read Time: 8 mins
Change for the Better
A boy who was once arrogant for his parents were rich undergoes so many incidents to change into a good boy.
41 mins
Words: 8272
Read Time: 41 mins
The Triumph of the Truth
The story is about a newspaper hawker, a teenage boy, who retains his honesty, though he can't sell his newspapers well like those who tell lies to attract people to buy their newspapers.
5 mins
Words: 1061
Read Time: 5 mins