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Power_Claw is from US United States • 16 y/o • Female

Floofiness. I want Floofiness!!!!!

So I'm just a furry who loves being happy. Being happy is the best, dont judge me because I'm a furry I'm sick of the hate. I'm always open for new friends, friends are great. If u don't like furries then why are you reading this? Bring me your floof!

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15 Oct, 2019
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I watch netflix which is fun. I'm a furry and I fursuit obviously. I'm coming out with a Youtube channel soon so watch out for that. My hobbies include playing tennis and traveling around the world. I'm a very happy person and I don't want to be recieving any of that hate crap all y'all give.

Music: Taylor Swift, Airana Grande(spelled that wrong) Pop

Books: Books by Brandon Sanderson, anything Fantasy

Favourite show: Parks and Rec.

Color: Pink

Quotes: "Love is a gift use it" "You can't fix stupid"

I'm open to hugs, again back off furry haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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