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Quill is from AU Australia • 29 y/o

Left for Dead (Lazarus Affliction, Prolouge Part 2 18+
Time is running out to escape Perth and the deadly infection that is sweeping the city. Note- if you have not yet read part one, I recommend reading that first to understand the story.
38 mins
Words: 7671
Read Time: 38 mins
Outbreak (Lazarus Affliction Series, Prologue Part 1) 18+
Set in the near future, the Western Australian city of Perth, has been invaded by an unknown pathogen that is turning healthy people into flesh eating monsters.
28 mins
Words: 5658
Read Time: 28 mins
This is an exercise I did out of a creative writing workbook. The exercise was about building intrigue and was focusing on a fruit bowl in a room. There is something different about this fruit bowl.
<1 min
Words: 198
Read Time: <1 min
Let His Innocence Be
A poem dedicated to the memory of a beloved friend, gone too soon.
<1 min
Words: 121
Read Time: <1 min