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Randomologies is from IN India • 28 y/o • Male

Making stories happen.

I am an explorer, a learner, and a writer. I have an uncanny love for 'words' any form of art and that's something that is making me evolve.


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23 Nov, 2017
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Random 'o' logies - By Sarang Bhargava

Stories have always fascinated me. Even though I don't call myself an ardent reader but whatever I have read has gone deep down my heart. The way a story is told, the way the characters are narrated, the way it gains a momentum and speed, it kind of excites me and not just that every time I read a story, I start to form my own versions of the same and that is exactly why I have decided to write my own stories.

Latest Stories by Randomologies

I Am Back
A writer who had long left his passion found a new light and how? read on to find what happens next.
7 mins
Words: 1590
Read Time: 7 mins