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rogerjeff is from GB United Kingdom • 78 y/o

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6 Mar, 2018
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Latest Stories by rogerjeff

Oh Flo 18+
Flo leaves her husband and is obsessed with her family tree. She finds a distant cousin and starts an affair. But are ancestors enough? Which life is real? Is her lover all that he seems?
19 mins
Words: 3996
Read Time: 19 mins
The Scarf 18+
In the south of France a man loses his scarf. He has separated from his wife left behind in England. The scarf was her gift to him. As he looks for it he realises its symbolic importance.
20 mins
Words: 4198
Read Time: 20 mins
Hands Off 18+
A man takes his wife to visit a family friend. She is a widow and also his lover. He hopes to discuss the relationships but it doesn't turn out as he hoped. They both attack him and he's abandoned.
11 mins
Words: 2216
Read Time: 11 mins