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salpa58 is from US United States • 78 y/o

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Skewed (Proof of Concept) by CosmicRevenant

I usually do not read this genre, but, this story surprised me and held my interest.

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A Tear to the Eye by Author Unknown

This is so sad, yet so beautiful. Children have no barriers and can see and feel things that most adults can not. I don't know if this is a true story, but it sure sounds believable. Excellent.

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Will I see 80? by Galaxian

Love this, I laugh out loud and can truly appreciate it. Do read it, it will keep you smiling. Kudos....

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For One Night Only by Andy (Formerly Apemann)

Through out life we all have adventures, at times they are romantic ones. Andy has done a stellar job on this story. Paul ugh, well read the story and you will see what I mean. Carol conjures up other feelings. I thought she might become famous, but....well I don't want to give it away so read it yourself.
Before I got to the ending I had many ideas of what would happen and I think you will too. Good job Apeman.

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Orlando Shooting by TheForgotten

Your poem is so true, we have gone through so much as a nation.
We will keep our heads held up high, because as a nation we know that freedom comes at a price. We have many hero's beneath our soil. Kudos...

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