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strange_teller is from RO Romania • 55 y/o • Male

Extended Memory
An employee of the future must face bizarre situations, but also her own past, in order to free herself
13 mins
Words: 2679
Read Time: 13 mins
Little Louise and the Palace of Miracles
A short story about a little girl and the choices she makes
11 mins
Words: 2288
Read Time: 11 mins
Do You Really Believe in Ghosts?
A strange story about a man who falls prey to his own opinions about ghosts
18 mins
Words: 3743
Read Time: 18 mins
Talking Mannequins
A strange adventure in a bus became an access gate to a parallel world.
10 mins
Words: 2138
Read Time: 10 mins
A Dream's Infinity
A strange (and somehow philosophical) story about love, passion, fear and faith.
8 mins
Words: 1788
Read Time: 8 mins
The Legend of the Ice Princess
A war and an ancient rivalry between two nations will end (or not) according to an old prophecy
23 mins
Words: 4646
Read Time: 23 mins
Exile on the Planet of Eternal Curses
A fantastic story about a magical place and a war between magicians
23 mins
Words: 4619
Read Time: 23 mins
The Assassination of Mrs. H
A short story about a murder that everyone would have reason to commit, but no one can be proven to have committed it.
21 mins
Words: 4223
Read Time: 21 mins
The Desert Flower
A short story about evil and good, about life and choices, about religion and meaning
11 mins
Words: 2304
Read Time: 11 mins
The World of Broken Dreams
A bizarre foray into a seemingly illogical world that will end in an unexpected way
14 mins
Words: 2979
Read Time: 14 mins
Lost Echoes
A short poem about the past and melancholy
<1 min
Words: 48
Read Time: <1 min
The Last Challenge
A man enters a game that is more than that ... it is the game of his life.
21 mins
Words: 4342
Read Time: 21 mins