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19 y/o • Male


Short stories: Because I needed to write more for less.

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9 Mar, 2024
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26 days ago

"Have you ever thought about a world where everything is exactly the same...

Except you don't exist?

Everything functions perfectly without you...

Ha, ha...

The thought terrifies me..."

I don't suspect I'll be spending much time here. But I guess since you're here you might as well know a few things about me.

I like rainy weather, alternative rock, reading, and writing. But you probably already guessed that last one.

I don't really have any set parameters for what I'm going to write here, but if you want to stick around and read what I have then I won't stop you. If you like it, cool. If not, more power to you. I'm pretty much-throwing stuff at a wall here to see what sticks. But hey, I'll at least try to make my work enjoyable. No promises though.

That's all for now.

And remember, whatever doesn't kill you has a skill issue.

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