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Finding Jason
Story by Dari Poulson (15)
Taylor is tied up to a tree and can't remember how she got there, and being tied up is kind of in the way of finding Jason. (This Happens before The Final Goodbye)
2 mins
Words: 555
Read Time: 2 mins
Story by Quinn34 (16)
I'm not entirely sure what I was aiming for but I suppose it's an alright story. In the words of Abe Lincoln-Potatoes are just hard eggs.
1 min
Words: 315
Read Time: 1 min
Store Street
Story by ElenaFChapman (23)
After a heavy night of drinking, Kitty Page returns to her office in order to retrieve her housemate's keys. However, Kitty quickly realised she's not alone on that dreary Saturday morning.
8 mins
Words: 1708
Read Time: 8 mins
The Moon Is Beautiful, Isn’t?
Story by Ken (21)
A man and a women are madly in love with one another, however, both are quite shy when it comes to talking about their dreams.
3 mins
Words: 645
Read Time: 3 mins
In The Swamp
Story by Dari Poulson (15)
Zoey and Jake go to the swamp to have fun, not die...
2 mins
Words: 546
Read Time: 2 mins
When Skies Turn Gray
Story by Dari Poulson (15)
When a horrible tragedy takes place, a young girl, Lizzy has to struggle to survive in the ruined city of Redbrick, without her sister or friends.
11 mins
Words: 2342
Read Time: 11 mins
Poem by kalog (24)
<1 min
Words: 156
Read Time: <1 min
The No. 19 Tram to Coburg
Story by timdymo (72)
An account of a strange encounter on a public tram in Melbourne.
2 mins
Words: 522
Read Time: 2 mins
The Dark
Story by Thomas Ray (15)
"Are you afraid of the dark?"
1 min
Words: 214
Read Time: 1 min
Story by Fantasy-sensei (20)
Its a story of a highschooler who went out at the wrong time at the wrong place and bumped into the wrong person. Its mostly a fantasy story where you wear the shoes of the can change the names
3 mins
Words: 706
Read Time: 3 mins
My Time
Story by robert thornton (17)
The terrifying recall of my running into Death, and how it wasn't what it was supposed to be
3 mins
Words: 786
Read Time: 3 mins
The Skeleton Deer
Story by PurpurManiac (18)
A girl walks into a forest...
1 min
Words: 257
Read Time: 1 min
Just Ten
Story by Merlin Sheeba Mary R (27)
What does the number ten signify? Perplexed, the hero experiences series of events related to the number ten. yet, he least expected the real face of ten at last.
4 mins
Words: 999
Read Time: 4 mins
The Silver Lady
Poem by Inksmith (23)
I never believed in the silver lady. She was just a folklore, a scare-trap, nothing but the imaginings of weaker minds; but then I saw her, and that was the night I fell in love.
2 mins
Words: 595
Read Time: 2 mins
Nupe and Spooner
Story by Tapper (51)
A young man gets a job in a mysterious company that trade in people’s time. It is a dark but strangely acceptable world that leads to greed and destruction.
49 mins
Words: 9848
Read Time: 49 mins
Poem by Zip017 (16)
Who else sees them?
<1 min
Words: 168
Read Time: <1 min
When You Die
Story by Zip017 (16)
A strange story version of the feelings of death in my dreams.
1 min
Words: 224
Read Time: 1 min
Born of Fire
Story by Zip017 (16)
She watched as the hungry breast latched onto hum, hurt him, sank its blazing teeth into his flesh, burning it from his bones as his screams filled her hunger for vengeance. She was always drawn to fi
5 mins
Words: 1147
Read Time: 5 mins
I Just Don't Know
Musing by Aishlynn (15)
Explaining my thoughts
2 mins
Words: 498
Read Time: 2 mins
Haunted Book
Story by moon (24)
Like to read, sure everyone does, well not me, but I sure love books I even swear I will read them all at once. Or read a page everyday before night. Every book says goodnight or THE END
1 min
Words: 263
Read Time: 1 min
My Beautiful Wife
Story by Kish (24)
Short scary story
5 mins
Words: 1124
Read Time: 5 mins