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Story by Thomas Ray (19)
She's searching for someone. Doors surround her on all sides... Two for each wall.
5 mins
Words: 1080
Read Time: 5 mins
Outcasts Pt. 10
Here you go! Thanks for all the love and support throughout my journey!
1 min
Words: 356
Read Time: 1 min
Outcasts Pt. 9
Hhehehe Love you guys
<1 min
Words: 93
Read Time: <1 min
Outcasts Pt. 7
Backstreets back Allright!
<1 min
Words: 144
Read Time: <1 min
The firebug tape 18+
Story by Lev821 (48)
If you find an old VHS tape, its best not to watch it.
18 mins
Words: 3737
Read Time: 18 mins
Ghost Tour, Hobart
Story by JPYoung (66)
The truly brightest things only appear in the darkness...
10 mins
Words: 2063
Read Time: 10 mins
After the Lecture
Story by HSuys (54)
Finding the way back
4 mins
Words: 993
Read Time: 4 mins
Stranger 18+
Story by Lev821 (48)
Don't go alone to a party, you might meet a stranger.
17 mins
Words: 3441
Read Time: 17 mins
The Insatiable Hunger for Murder That Wrecked His Thoughts. 18+
Story by Mit Thi Drugon (26)
The secret murders committed by those of us we likely suspect.
5 mins
Words: 1105
Read Time: 5 mins
Story by Marisa (63)
A love Halloween story
<1 min
Words: 104
Read Time: <1 min
Poem by scorp (16)
a poem about art block
<1 min
Words: 140
Read Time: <1 min
Story by hercules (34)
A young woman called Dotty is visited one night by a Pleiadean being called Zogon. Zogon takes her for an astral visit to his home world Zolex.
3 mins
Words: 681
Read Time: 3 mins
Poem by coffeesoakedshoes (16)
An abusive person kills their partner, and regrets it.
<1 min
Words: 106
Read Time: <1 min
Story by HSuys (54)
the light never goes out
<1 min
Words: 100
Read Time: <1 min
A Crack in Space
Story by Elementos (33)
Bob lives a simple life alone in his apartment. One day, strange noises rattle that simplicity, and Bob's curiosity gets the better of him. He's going to wish it didn't.
8 mins
Words: 1612
Read Time: 8 mins
Story by hercules (34)
A young man goes to Tregeseal stone circle and has a mysterious experience, based on a dream he had. While there, he is visited by an Atlantean being in a flying saucer.
4 mins
Words: 816
Read Time: 4 mins
mr. loverman
Poem by arrested^undertone (15)
this some weird shit
<1 min
Words: 84
Read Time: <1 min
Slow Burn
Story by Lindsay Elizabeth (13)
A short story about a girl in front of a fire.
<1 min
Words: 198
Read Time: <1 min
Nature Court {Warning Violent Content}
Poem by The Story Cascade (15)
A brief condemnation of ...
11 mins
Words: 2359
Read Time: 11 mins
Mysteries in New Berlin(Part Seven)
Story by reggie_1552 (13)
The seventh issue of Mysteries in New Berlin.
5 mins
Words: 1006
Read Time: 5 mins
Story by reggie_1552 (13)
Part two. A story about fire. Guys I have a fire problem. Help! I'm not a pyro maniac but still, HELP!
<1 min
Words: 163
Read Time: <1 min