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By ayinrana

Have you ever looked in the mirror trying to find out who you are only to see a stranger staring back?
Do you ever reach out for her? She always reaches back but something wont let yout touch her. Shes who you're looking for, she knows who she is. She is you. She knows but she can't tell you. She's so lost. You dont know how to find her. You feel like you know her but you don't recognize her. She must be smart, the top of her class, beautiful and brainy. She must be friends with everyone, she looks so friendly. She must have all the boys falling for her. She must be accomplished and proud of who she is. She must know who she is. But Thats not the story her eyes tell, shes broken inside. She wants to fix it, she trys to ignore it but its always going to be there. She isnt who you thought she was. Not atall. Now when you look at her she is disgusting and ugly. You see fear in her eyes. She afraid of you knowing who she is. She must be the loser kid that follows around everyone else but nobody really likes her. She must be the one everyone laughs at and makes fun of behind her back. She must hate herself. She must have no friends, nobody could want to be friends with that. She needs to hide herself with clothes and makeup but even then shes ugly. She cuts herself but that just makes it worse. She should just do everyone a favour and kill herself. But thats not who you are. You arent either of those girls. You arent anything in between. You are nothing. Thats who you are, nothing. Why was it so hard for you to figure out who you are when you arent anything? You were searching for someone who isnt there.

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26 Jan, 2012
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