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... a change of strategy... (Purdey, Symes and Wright - part 17)

... a change of strategy... (Purdey, Symes and Wright - part 17)

By PeterHunter

… a change of strategy? (Purdy, Symes and Wright - part 17)

Peter Hunter

'Wright - you are soaking wet… Get down from there…' and so I am in trouble again. Unlike Miss Perfect who gets away with most things…
… often by pretending it was me or Symes who has been naughty.
Earlier today Purdy had either genuinely not been feeling too well or was just trying to get attention… something which is often in her nature. As usual she had turned her nose up at the plate of ordinary Whiskas that Mum had put out for our breakfast. Mum did not know if Purdey was just being difficult - often she disliked sharing a tin with Symes and me…
… thinking she was special and should be fed on her own.
Mum, thinking today was such a case - opened a Whiskas pouch for the spoiled little princess to have all on her own…
… but unusually she refused to eat the more expensive food - preferring to yowl pitifully and harass her favourite human for something more exiting.
Eventually Mum gave in… as Purdey was feeling very skinny today and we were worried that she was not eating enough…
… opened a tin of Waitrose tuna and offered half the contents to the spoilt little madam, who wolfed it so quickly we thought she might choke… and then Purdey asked for something more. Mum, being of kindly disposition, scrambled an egg for her and while waiting for it to cool - gave the impatient little cat some freshly whipped cream…
… meanwhile Symes had gone outside to hunt and I consumed the contents of the pouch originally offered to Purdy. I must admit to felling a little resentful at the preferential treatment she had been given…
… as usual…
but later - I was given a lesson in how she achieved it…
Mum found a dead vole left anonymously at the exact spot on the worktop where Purdey had eaten the cream…
… a complete change in strategy. Normally she would bring in a dead rodent - then guard it until rewarded with cheese…
… this could only be a thank you to Mum…
… and guess what?
She was given more cheese… at this rate she will get fat…


© Peter Hunter 2012

Peter Hunter's full-length works are available on Kindle

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6 Aug, 2012
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1 min
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