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By guaphellamhor23

You woke up early. Prepared for work happily. You went out of the house with jolly mode. Walked the streets with a dancing feet...One, two, heard something...Someone's humming a song.. you know that started to sing with what you hear...suddenly...while walking, you looked down and don't want to show your face to the people you walk by on the sides of the streets...Rain started falling...Great, there's the dark gray sky. You're face can't be noticed...People are running for shelter and away from the heavy rain. Good thing you got your dark green umbrella. It saves you from being soaked in the rain. you continue walking as if you're not really affected by the rain. Walking away from where you started to hear the song...Your lips are not moving..But left arms that you try to wrap your chest with has water drops. They're not rain drops...They're tear drops indeed... one, two,three...You're sobbing. You're humming the song and you're crying...Walking slowly...Taking small steps..You'e too far from where you started to hear the song,but you still hear it ringing quite loud on your head...The rain falls harder.Kids are running and playing with the water on the floor that starts to become flood on your way forward. But your legs are not even touched by the 2 inches flood yet because you're wearing 4 inches high heels. That's just for your feet. But your heart... your heart feels as if it's been drowning for almost 15 mins now since you started hearing that song earlier..If felt on your chest that you're floating in the middle of the ocean where there big waves engulfing every bit of you. Tears are now like river flowing down your cheeks. You can't breath...grasping for air. you're confused. Faced down, teary eyes, shaky hands...Unfortunately, there's this fast approaching vehicle you didn't seem to notice. The driver has been blowing his horns since 30 meters away from you, yet you didn't seem to hear anything. You hear nothing at all but the song that you keep on singing in your mind. You lost grip of your umbrella as it hits the side mirror of the truck. You then fell down.

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2 Oct, 2011
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1 min
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