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It was around 12:26 am at the time you heard the bell on the door ring, Someone’s here.

A man walked in and right up to the man at the front desk.

“Hello I’m sorta lost and need a place to crash, your vacancy sign wasn’t on but I thought I’d come in and check anyways”

“Yes, we have room” The man behind the desk replied. Right as I began to speak I heard a loud smack sounding like wood hitting against wood, it sounded hard and continued on for a while. I figured it was just someone in another room making noise until I looked back at the man and saw his face. Pale as can be. He was faced towards the direction from where the noise came from. Not paying any attention to me, handed the key outward towards me and quietly said

“Don't go into room 128…” I reply with an okay, thanked him and headed to my room.

I was four doors away from room 128 and was very curious to why it was so secretive. I shrugged off my curiosity and headed into my room. I flipped on the television and after getting fully situated, laid down in bed and fell asleep to a very relaxing animal show. It didn’t take much time for me to jolt awake from a loud, high pitch scream. I jump out of bed ran away from the door. It took me a minute or two to realize the scream was from the television screen. I felt a bit embarrassed and was quite glad no one was near me to witness. I was wide awake but knew I still needed to sleep

“It’s just from the scare, walk around and you’ll get tired again,” I told myself. I grabbed my phone "1:28 am" I groan from the small amount of sleep I got. I grab my things and headed down into the lobby, to the little corner with all the vending machines. When I walked in the man was longer behind his desk and the room had an odd scent to it. I figured something had spilled and he went to go get cleaning supplies. All I knew was that I needed sleep. I walked past the desk trying to avoid the harsh scent and grabbed a snack from the vending machine. I pulled the snack from the bottom doors and began walking back to my room. As I reached the front doors the lights instantly shut off.

“Hello?” I called out

“We closed now,” said a voice that matched the man I spoke to earlier.

“Oh ok I’m sorry just wanted to get a quick snack” I replied

“You may go now,” Said the voice I could not follow. I saw bits and pieces from the light given by the moon but with all the trees from above, it wasn’t enough to see much.

“Y-um yeah- again sorry” I reached for the doors and saw that they had been locked.

“Hey um I-i can’t seem to open these doors,” I said into the dark "...Hello” No response. I remembered a door from behind the front desk but with hardly any light coming in I couldn't really see it. “It’s alright I’ll just use this door” while walking to the door I tripped over something bulky from the side of the desk. I remembered seeing he had bags next to his desk and thought nothing else of it. “Oh, I think I kicked your bags down... I’m sorry man” I said and walked out the door. The scent seemed stronger behind the desk, maybe he spilled something. I walked to my room and given I left my room light on I found my way easily. I reached down in my pocket to grab my room key and remembered I had my phone. Felt rather dumb for not using it as a flashlight. I pulled out my key and phone at the same time walked into my room and gladly shut the door behind me. Since the scare from the television, I’ve felt a bit jittery, but not too badly. I checked the time and saw my phone screen lit up with 1:28. “Still?!” I said throwing my phone onto the bed. I sat down and ate my snack while watching the television. After what seemed like a minute or two I checked my phone again and it still said 1:28. “Stupid phone,” I said and was then cut off but the television glitching out then shutting off altogether. “Ughhh what’s going on?!” Being very frustrated I started pacing around the room but stopped as soon as I heard the loud smacking sound again. I heard it coming from outside, I slowly walked up to the door afraid to look out the large window. Right as I lift my eye to the looking hole the light inside my room shut off. The smacking sound grew louder and the lights begin to flicker on and off in random order. My desk began to slide all around the floor throwing my items off, The television flickers on and off volume loud as can be. I run into the bathroom slam the door shut, lock it and sat against it.

At once it all stopped. The television was off, the lights were as they were, the desk was still. No more smacking sound. I stood up and turned on my bathroom light, I look into the mirror messily running my fingers through my hair when I hear it. A light, gentle dripping sound. That is when I realized the scent of the room. It was the same strong scent down from the lobby. I tighten the faucet handles not knowing exactly where the dripping was coming from. It continued, Then I realized it was from the shower. I reached in the curtain and tightened the faucet. After readying myself to enter back into my room and noticed the sound was still not gone, I swung open the shower curtain and saw the man who was behind the desk's head against the faucet, with blood dripping from his mouth. I ran outside not knowing what else to do and continued running for what seemed to be an hour. While running I tripped over a log and tumbled down the hill. Everything was black I didn’t know where I was or what to do. Then I heard it, The same scream that woke me up before. I jolted up to find myself back in on the same hotel bed. I threw the covers off grabbed my phone and as I looked down saw it once again shine the number 1:28.

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22 Apr, 2019
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