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13 and dying

13 and dying

By chilly72

Chapter 1
a 13 year old girl went to school one day with a note in her planner from her mum. During one of her lessons her phone started going off , her teacher started shouting at her and everyone in her class was laughing at her. Her teacher gave her an after school detention, because this was the 2nd time this had happened.
during the detention the teacher asked the girl , who was now sobbing, why she had had her phone on. The girl showed the teacher the note and the teacher quit her job because she felt so bad. The note said:
Dear miss
My daughters little sister maria, has just been diagnosed with heart cancer, also yesterday she was ran over by a speeding car, i have told my daughter that she could have her phone on during school, so i may tell her if her sister will live or not. Sadly she didn't. Maria died just after school ended, i tried to tell my daughter, but you were to busy shouting at her....... my daughter didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to maria, please remember this...
yours sincerely
lily's mum

Chapter 2
a few months later , lilys teacher ( the one who left) went back to lilys school. Wwhen she said lilys name the woman at reception looked at lher and told her that lily had left... at first she thourght that the receptionist ment that she had moved schools, but she soon realised wot she meant...... an hour later, lilys mum was neeling down beside lily and maria's graves, from behind she could tell that someone was watching her, she turned around to see lilys teacher with tears rolling down her cheeks, silently lilys mum stood up and walked away without saying a word. The teacher kneeled down and shut her eyes. on th floor there was a note...from lily... iit was the mostt saddening note the teacher had ever read,
If god wants my little sister, than he has to have me to! I have left this world to join maria, I love you mummy xx
Lilly x

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14 Oct, 2011
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